Columbia Records act, Crossfade's manager, Chris Long (L) presents Michael Laskow with a Platinum record for TAXI's help in getting the band signed.

"As far I'm concerned there isn't a single person in Hollywood with as much integrity & honesty as you and your great staff. The Road Rally was great. We all loved it"

James Walsh,
TAXI Member

"I've been to so many conferences and conventions in my life, but the TAXI Road Rally was the most amazing and educational gatherings I have ever experienced."

Gary Sredzienski,
Kittery Point, ME

Hit songwriter, Tia Sillers ('I Hope You Dance') goes one-to-one with a member during the one-to-one sessions. And funny enough, Tia seems to be telling the member, "I've got one more idea for your song."

Kawan Prather, Executive Vice-President of A&R, Sony Urban making a point as LeeAnn Phelan, Sr. Director of A&R, Sony Nashville listens intently.

"By far one of the most positive, musically soulful and insightful weekends I've ever experienced. From hit songwriters to A&R veterans, mentors and exceptionally talented artists from across the globe, the company we kept was simply extraordinary. I know I'm not the only one who'll admit I can't wait until next year."

Guy-Michael Grande,
TAXI Member

"I felt that every single one of the speakers/mentors etc genuinely wanted to help each and every one of us, which was just fantastic."

Chris Harvey,
Birmingham, UK

Let's just say that this gives new meaning to the phrase, 'Elevator Music' ;-)

Nuthin' but Presidents! The Rally always has top-notch panelists, but this was the first time we had a panel of all Presidents. (From L to R) Ron Sobel, President, Northstar Media; Kenny McPherson, President, Chrysalis Music; Randy Poe, President, Leiber & Stoller Music; Barry DeVorzon, President, Jalinda Music; Ted Lowe (Moderator); Tyler Bacon, President, Position Music.

"If I do nothing else with my Taxi membership but attend the once a year rally then I will have spent my annual membership money very wisely"

Roger Bolt,
TAXI Member

"What you guys put together for this weekend was truly awesome."

Carey Caccavo Wheaton
Sebastopol, CA

Rene Goiffon, (President of Harmonia Mundi, World Music) appears interested in a CD from a TAXI member.

The "Group Grope" mentoring session, which placed music industry mentors at tables of ten members.

"This past weekend was without a doubt the most important investment (I flew from another city), in my musical future that I've made in years."

Sean Turner,
TAXI Member

"Because of the Conference we now have friends in Italy, England, Paris, New Zealand, Bermuda, as well as various states in the U.S.A. It was one of the most AMAZING learning experiences and I am DEFINITELY going to renew my membership and DEFINITELY attend next year's Road Rally!"

Steve Archdeacon,
TAXI Member

TAXI member Daniel Holter (L) takes a moment to thank Columbia Records A&R consultant, Marshall Altman (center), and TAXI's Michael Laskow for making the connection that got his song cut by Columbia recording artist, Emma Roberts. Daniels song, 'I Wanna Be' was also the first single on Emma's CD!

Always one of the most popular panels, this year's DIY, was no exception. Panelists (L to R) Tony vanVeen, Vice President, Discmakers; Gilli Moon, independent artist; Derek Sivers, CEO, CDBaby; Lydia Hutchinson, Publisher/Editor, Performing Songwriter magazine; Mike Farley, Publicist for many top indie artists; Fett, indie producer/engineer & columnist for Performing Songwriter.

"The Road Rally was simply fantastic this year! I've been to three music conferences this year, and it's amazing to think that the Road Rally (which is free) was the best, but it truly was!"

Steven LeBeau,
TAXI Member

"I was at the Road Rally this year. It was my first in the 4 years I have been a member — It was worth the entire cost of membership!"

Debbie Pascarella,
TAXI Member

Ken Komisar, V.P. of A&R, Sony/BMG, seems to be giving driving lessons on his panel.

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"The TAXI rally was one of the most wonderful experiences I have had in our business."
— Alan Abrahams,
TAXI Member

"Thank you for the singularly most exciting weekend for me as a composer and songwriter."
— Nik Sakellarides,
TAXI Member

"The incredible spirit of camaraderie, encouragement and enthusiasm blew me away. Being there, being part of it, and interacting face to face with everybody and everything cannot be explained unless you were there."
— Alan Abrahams,
TAXI Member

"Again, it was great. It was my fifth and I came away inspired and full of new ideas."
— Tom Johnson,
TAXI Member

"Thanks for organizing this wonderful event. All the members I met were friendly and open and pleasant to be around. I've made many new friends and some great business contacts."
— Greg Teplik,
TAXI Member

"Some of the greatest musical information and networking ever presented in one glorious place."
— Ellen St. Peter,
TAXI Member

"Thank you again for trying so hard to make everyone feel like they are a part of this and keeping the quality so high!!"
— Steve Fulton,
TAXI Member

"The Road Rally was a life changing event and has helped my music career in so many different positive ways."
— Ellen St. Peter,
TAXI Member

"I found the Road Rally to not only be incredibly informative, but also a total blast! The convention makes the TAXI membership fee seem a bargain!"
— Jessica Treat,
TAXI Member

"This was the first one I've been to and it was enlightening, inspirational and extremely helpful."
— Scott Atkinson,
TAXI Member