"The Best Music Convention on Earth!"

I know it sounds terribly immodest to say that anything is the "best," but the people who've attended the Road Rally will tell you this is no exaggeration.

Our annual, members-only convention is worth so much more than what it costs to belong to TAXI. Yet, the Rally is FREE to our members and their guests.

The reason people fly in from all over the world is simple: there's no better place to get all the information you need to become successful in the music industry. Our panels have top-level experts who are friendly and helpful. The networking opportunities are abundant, and the spirit of camaraderie is unlike anything you'll see at any other music convention.

If a single picture is worth a thousand words, then what you've just seen is worth a fortune. Why? Because after scrolling through the last few pages, you'll understand why it's so important for you to come to next year's Rally.

Two members from Australia probably sum it up best in this simple sentence: " . . . our $8,000 expenditure to get there was worth the investment." Kevin Condon and Lesley Beth

These folks invested $8,000 in airfare, etc., and went home happy. How do I know? They finished their letter by saying, "So will we do it next year? Definitely and our thanks to the TAXI team for running a great Rally."

I'm guessing that most of you reading this will spend a lot less to come to next year's Rally, so imagine how happy you'll be!

Just think about the last few pages you've seen and imagine yourself talking to all those music business heavyweights. The Road Rally could very well be the single greatest opportunity you'll ever have to move your career forward faster than you've ever dreamed.

Mark your calendar now!

See you in November,



I am manager/mother of Kamille and Kelly Rudisill, also known as the band Karmina. The three of us attended the Road Rally last weekend.

We are still completely overwhelmed from the conference. What an experience! First and foremost, I have never, in all my years and experiences, been in a situation where there is so much support for one another. At most conferences, the atmosphere is very competitive and everyone is looking out for themselves.

At the Road Rally, I noticed that whenever something good happened for anyone, or if some music that was played sounded great, everyone was so positive and supportive. I get a lump in my throat thinking about it! The wonderful and positive supporting comments we all received just walking around the conference every day were enough to keep us on Cloud 9.

Because we came to the Rally, we had significant exposure to, and meaningful conversations with A&M V.P. of A&R, Tony Ferguson; Aware/Columbia V.P. of A&R, Steve Smith; ASCAP V.P.s Ralph Murphy and Randy Grimmet, the President of Leiber & Stoller Music Publishing, Randy Poe, hit songwriters Ben Margulies, Jack Tempchin, Steve Seskin and Rick Nowels; and producers, Rob Chiarelli and Jay King. Each of them now has Karmina's music in their hands. Many of them sought us out during the course of the weekend!

We also have offers from people all over the country to come and do gigs in their town and stay with them. We could literally set up a U.S. & Canadian tour based on all the offers/business cards we received.

Additionally, I can't even begin to tell you about all the other great stuff we learned from the various panels — there was just so much.

My Goodness! Now you can see why our heads are spinning!! We felt the Love!! We are so very inspired and filled with confidence from your conference.

Michael, Karmina may not have been "signed" last weekend, but I know that things are going to happen in a big way as a result of this weekend, sometime soon. I feel like their career lurched forward big time. I can't say enough about what an incredible experience it was.

What you do for musicians goes well beyond TAXI as a business. It's more like a public service. You give so much to the music community by fostering this incredible and supportive environment.

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts,

Robin, Kelly, & Kamille Rudisill

Dear TAXI,

You'd have to be an idiot not to get something from this event — it really knocked my socks off. It will take me weeks (no, months!) to sort through all the contacts and marketing ideas resulting from those 4 days. Thanks a million!


TAXI has been, and continues to be, a great resource for songs and new artists. This year's Road Rally was nothing short of inspirational. Artists were hungry to learn, and willing to apply the fresh knowledge. TAXI is great for the artist community, and great for the music business.

Marshall Altman
A&R, Columbia Records

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all those involved for making the 2004 Road Rally and my first trip to America such an exciting experience. When I first thought of a 4-day convention — covering songwriting, performance, etc., — I didn't know what to expect. I found that all of the Drivers Ed classes, seminars were very much straight to the point, relevant and I felt none of us had sift through any boring pieces. They told us what we needed to hear and how everything relates. I have had so much to tell everyone when I arrived back home.

Something that we really did appreciate was sitting and listening to demos and playing the role of someone on the A&R panel. Even though there were some really "good" songs we were beginning to realize why some songs definitely don't get picked. We then took all the feedback from there and started to think about how we could apply this to songs we have written individually and started to hear where our songs could go to make them stand out. THIS WAS AWESOME!! A MAJOR LEARNING CURVE FOR ALL OF US. Once again thank you for organizing the whole event, I had an awesome time, I hope to attend again next year and look forward to seeing everyone again.


Hey, you guys did a class A job at the Rally. I enjoyed meeting you all. Had a great time — I hope that Bud Harner from Verve and Tony Ferguson from A&M will dig my stuff. If I make it — I'll always credit you all at TAXI. Looking forward to more submissions and more Rallies in the future. I'll be sending Michael a nice thank letter ASAP.

Frankie G

I was knocked out by the sheer number of attendees at the Road Rally. The ballroom was standing room only! I was also really impressed with the quality of the songs I had a chance to listen to. From my vantage point, it certainly appears that TAXI is a helpful way for songwriters and artists to get their foot in the proverbial music industry door.

Randy Poe
President, Leiber & Stoller Publishing

Dear TAXI,

I just wanted to give a big THANK YOU to the staff and to Michael Laskow for putting together the Road Rally this year! It was my first time at the Rally, and I felt it was one of the most beneficial things I've ever done for my music and career (other than becoming a TAXI member!).

Some of the highlights for me were the great panel discussions, specifically the A&R Questions and Answers and the Pitch Panel (where else could you have the opportunity to have people from Columbia, A&M and Capitol hear and comment on your music?!). There's a big difference between reading about what labels are looking for in a new artist or band, and hearing it directly from them! I don't think anyone could rightfully disagree that to make it in the music business today, an artist can no longer survive with the mentality of "I'm just a rock musician!" You have to be part manager, part booking agent, know something about marketing, etc. TAXI provides countless resources to the music community, so no one can say they don't know what information they need to know to "make it." TAXI provides that information and many opportunities to implement it. It simply comes down to how much energy you have to put towards making the most of your talents. What a great experience to find out that there are credible people out there that WANT to help those that are starting out! TAXI gave me the opportunity to discover this truth, and it has resurged my commitment to my music! I'm definitely going to renew my membership with TAXI, and I'm already thinking about how I can be better prepared for next year's Road Rally!



I think the Road Rally provides a great venue for artists, songwriters and the like to have access to every aspect of the music business. It's not often you have that much experience and knowledge available to you in such a concentrated manner.

Steve Smith
Vice President, A&R, Aware Records

I can't say enough about how TAXI has furthered my career in music, built up my credit list of films, video games, etc. that have used my music as a result of TAXI. This is the first Rally I've ever attended, and knowing how competitive the music business can be, I was concerned about the reception I would receive from other members, but to my surprise everyone was so willing to talk and so open and friendly at the convention. The panelists and mentors were surprisingly willing to talk to everyone. It's been a week since I returned from the Rally, and (last night) I finally got a good night's sleep because I was so pumped up about music. I've had music business fever and couldn't sleep a wink. After sitting in on the A&R pitch panel, I feel like I've learned how to listen to and write music all over again. It's like I'm listening to the radio for the first time.

BZ Lewis

This year's Road Rally was my first, so I was not sure what to expect. As it turns out, this was the Rolls Royce of seminars in every respect. Having attended other seminars where the panelists are a bunch of industry (degenerates) who liked to listen to themselves talk, the TAXI panelists were informative, articulate and honest by comparison. Finally, there is an event that really does listen and offers real world solutions and meaningful advice.

Rob Chiarelli
Producer/Remixer (Janet Jackson, Ray Charles, Madonna)


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"The TAXI rally was one of the most wonderful experiences I have had in our business."
— Alan Abrahams,
TAXI Member

"Your staff are to be commended on their hard work and willingness to make everything run smoothly. Everything was done very professionally, and the overall vibe was very friendly."
— Greg Teplik,
TAXI Member

"Some of the greatest musical information and networking ever presented in one glorious place."
— Ellen St. Peter,
TAXI Member

"I seriously didn't expect such a loving, openhearted and giving group of people."
— Nik Sakellarides,
TAXI Member

"The TAXI Road Rally alone is worth the price of membership. There is simply no place on the planet that anyone can get so much useful information, from so many Music Industry people, in 3 days time!"
— Tom Sparks,
TAXI Member

"My advice to anyone planning to go to the Road Rally for the first time is: Go! It's addictive, it's the best opportunity you'll ever get, and it's fun, friendly and free!"
— Mike Fitzsimons,
TAXI Member

"The incredible spirit of camaraderie, encouragement and enthusiasm blew me away. Being there, being part of it, and interacting face to face with everybody and everything cannot be explained unless you were there."
— Alan Abrahams,
TAXI Member

"After the rally, the friend that I brought looked at me and said, "I'll never hear a song the same way again.""
— Zupe,
TAXI Member

"Where else could an old hippy, pro country guitarist/writer from California meet a techno-dance programmer from England and develop a close friendship?"
— Tom Johnson,
TAXI Member

"I particularly appreciated the breakout day, and the one-on-one mentoring sessions. I gladly and repeatedly pay $500-600 for something similar in Nashville, and I am so impressed that you continue to offer this for free!"
— Bill Edwards,
TAXI Member