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What's the Deal With Critiques?

When TAXI Members submit their material to the TAXI Industry Opportunities, they can request a Song Critique. This means that the industry pro on TAXI's A&R Staff who listens to the material will give the member specific feedback on the piece.

TAXI's Critiques are one of the most valuable aspects of the TAXI service. It is one of the only opportunities in the music industry where you are guaranteed that a high-level music industry decision-maker will give you a careful analysis of your material.

Wise members use this to hone their songwriting skills. In fact, many members tell us that the Critiques alone are worth the price of admission.

Of course, it is often difficult to be open-minded about a critique of your material. You may shy away from hearing your creations criticized. But every musician gets critiqued whether they like it or not. Everyone who hears your music is critiquing it, just as you critique everything you hear.

However, not everyone will tell you what they honestly think of your music. In fact, most people, recognizing how sensitive an area it is, will be reluctant to give you any bad news. Even if the reaction is positive, it is not the reaction of a professional who is familiar with industry standards, and who knows what it means to stake your job on a song or an artist.

The importance of song critiques came clear to me when a major hit songwriter came to me early in my publishing career and asked my opinion of a song he had just written. Nervous, I asked "What are you asking me for? I haven't written any number one songs."

"For one thing," he reasoned, "songwriters get too close to their own material to be able to judge it impartially. And for another thing, you have to write 99 pieces of crap to get to that one good song!"

His ability to detach himself from his songs, and be willing to accept honest feedback, is a trait I have seen in most professionals over the years.

The song critiques we provide at TAXI serve as an honest, objective, impartial sounding board made up of industry professionals. Where else can you get what amounts to private coaching on your songwriting and your career?


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