by Kenny Kerner

Adam Watts really has his brother to thank for his successes in the music business. His brother's band rehearsed at the house and Adam was totally taken with the drum set sitting there in the bedroom. So much so that he asked his mom for permission to sneak in and fool around. "I was just drawn to the drums from a very early age. That led to me jamming with him whenever he'd let me, but that didn't happen too much because they weren't my drums. When I couldn't use the kit, I'd lay out dad's golf magazines on the floor and bang on those. Eventually, for my twelfth birthday, they bought me a drum kit and set me up with lessons."

From that moment on, Adam poured his "whole life into it" through his high school years and even took many theory classes to further his drumming education. "There is something about the groove of drums that attracted me. To me, it always went hand in hand with the emotion of music. To this day, I like the honest, emotional tunes and drums have a lot to do with that. So I was always drawn to music in a super emotional way and drums were the first things I grabbed onto as a first instrument."

Feeling that he was missing the ability to fully express himself, Adam turned his attention to keyboards and began writing fusion tunes that allowed him to express both his musicality and his inner emotions. "Back then I was really a product of my brother and the tapes he listened to. So I was really into Rush, Yes, Toto and the Police. So initially I started liking what he liked and my tastes grew from there. I got into Chick Corea and later discovered Sting and got into his music."

Name: Adam Watts
Residence: Mission Viejo, CA
Age: 25
Occupation: Singer/Songwriter
Joined Taxi: 1999
Songs Forwarded: 50
Deals: 5 songs with Muzak
+ several on MTV and TNT
Watts attended college for one year but felt that it wasn't for him. "You can get a diploma but it doesn't really do anything for you when you want a gig," he muses, "so I left and met a guitarist named Gannin who had these great original songs that we recorded together. All through high school I was recording and engineering my music on 4-track machines. I was always into that."

The more the team worked together, the more opinionated Adam got about how Gannin's tunes should sound. Guilt-ridden, Adam made the decision to begin writing vocal tunes on his own. So, at 19, the artist began singing, writing and playing acoustic guitar for accompaniment.

It should be noted that Adam never had another job. His focus was always entirely on music--since the age of nine. His gigs--at local clubs and night spots--luckily provided him with the revenue he needed to sustain his career.

Having accumulated a "huge catalog of tunes," Adam decided it was time to get some professional input and began sending out his songs attempting to get feedback. What happened was very predictable: "Sometime in 1997 or 1998 I got a bunch of industry magazines and began blindly sending out my tapes and CDs for feedback. That was pretty much a joke. It feels good for a second because you feel as if you're doing something, but nothing happens. I couldn't get any doors to open. Then I discovered TAXI."

Adam's discovery literally jump started his career. Not only did it open industry doors, but it allowed him to expand his songwriting into many other genres of music. Here's how Adam explains it:

"Since joining TAXI, I've had about 50 forwards and they were in different categories. I got a couple of smooth jazz tunes placed with Muzak and that relationship is still ongoing. Another listing through TAXI got some of my tunes on MTV and on TNT. Also, there's an RCA/UK artist named Jerome Flynn who chose one of my songs, 'She Wants To Be Alone' for his recording project."

Adam readily admits that, with all of his talents, had he not discovered TAXI, he would not have had success placing his material. "TAXI has been unbelievable in a lot of ways. It gave me goals to shoot for and reasons to write in other styles. I live only an hour outside of Los Angeles and still I had zero success on my own.TAXI is essential because there isn't a single person that has all of the connections in the business. No one person has that kind of network, but TAXI does. There's just nothing like TAXI."


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