Miguel Alanso
Music Composer
"I have my own recording studio and have been sending in songs in almost every category . . . "
Julie Ann Bailey
One deal with DSM has earned her royalties of about $6,000 for having songs placed . . .
Brian Alex
. . . not only landed a couple of songs in a television movie, but really takes the song feedback seriously, as well.
  Fabio Castro
Full-time Musician
. . . figured out how to use his TAXI Dispatch membership to prolong his success.
Bill Gordon
. . . has 22 songs represented by publishers, receives regular royalties and credits TAXI for his success
  Erik Hickenlooper
"TAXI was so nice and hospitable when I called that I gave it a try. From Day 1, it was awesome."
Tommy Holmes
" My first original song was called 'Lady, Don't Leave Me. " . . . relies on TAXI to get his music out there
  Alice Leon
Musician/ Composer/ Performer
". . . got an original song of mine into an indie film called Random Shootings in L.A.. . . "
Hunter Payne
". . . They [TAXI} were responsible for getting one of my songs, 'Whole Lot of Weather' into a movie."
  Nanette Maxine
"TAXI keeps you rooted in the business. They do the leg work for us — and it makes sense."
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