This Article Originally Published May 1999

by Don Grierson

How does one best put together and present a musical package whereby a record company (in the traditional sense), is stimulated to react and show interest, and eventually sign an artist to a recording contract? Though this procedure is a difficult one, there are a number of basic do's and don'ts that will make the challenge easier.

To put this all in perspective, picture yourself in the shoes or behind the desk of an A&R staffer who is generally very busy and constantly being hounded by too many people. Remember-everyone thinks he has the next hit! Ask yourself these questions:

How would I want to be approached?

What would capture my interest and attention?

There are many, many others who have the same objectives as you do, and only a great sounding tape coupled with a classy, professional presentation can get you noticed.

Don Grierson is a 25-year veteran of the music industry, having headed up the A&R departments of Epic, Capitol and EMI-America Records. Add to that his expertise in marketing, international music affairs and promotion, and you understand why he is every bit as cutting-edge today as he was when he began. Don is also a valued screener on the TAXI A&R staff.