Since 1992 more than 600 companies have used TAXI as a resource to find new bands, artists and songwriters.

Following is a partial list:

Here is a complete list:

143 Records
15 Minute Records
24-7 Entertainment
2K Sounds
333 Music Group
360 Music
440 Inc.
4Chol Records
4th Street Studios
550 Music
615 Music Library
A.R.S. Productions
A&R Records
ABACA Records and
Abrams Productions
ACM Publishing
Alan Glass
Alan Jackson
Alan Publishing Group
Almo Sounds
Almo Sounds Nashville
Alternative Tentacles
American Recordings
Anderson Productions
Angel Records
Ann Marie Busk
Apple Computer, Inc
Arcangel Pictures
Archaic Pictures
Ardent Records
Ardent Records (EMI)
Arista Nashville
Arista Records
Arosa Entertainment
Artemis Records
Artist Direct Agency
Artists In Motion
Asylum Records Nashville
Atlantic Hill Music
Atlantic Records
Atlantic Records New York
Attack Records &
Aucoin Management
Audio Arts Recording
Audio Highway
Autumn Leed
Avex Inc. - Distinctive
Axios Entertainment Group
B.I.E. Records
Bacon Soundtrack Services
Banned In America Films
Banyan Productions
Bare Bones Productions
Barrington Music
Beau Hill Productions
Beauvoir Music Clearance
Beckett Productions
Benson Music
Bicycle Music
Big Jakes Movie Co.
Big Zone Records
Bill Graham Management
Black Rose Productions
Blast Productions
Blix Street Records
Blue Flame Records
Blue Plate Music
BlueStone Music
BMG Christian Music
BMG Denmark
BMG Germany
BMG Music Publishing
BNA Nashville
Bobby Mack Entertainment
Bomba Music
Borman Entertainment
boygirl Music supervision
Breakout Music
Brent Maher
Brentwood Music
Brentwood Records
Brentwood/Benson Music
Broadland International
Bronco Records
Bud Carr Co.
Bud-Ro Productions
Buddy Cannon/Atlantic
Buffy, The Vampire Slayer
Building Block Entertainment
Bunim-Murray Productions
Burning Petals Music Ltd.
Buzz Stone
Byron Gallimore
Cadillac Pink
Cameron Records
Capitol Ideas
Capitol Nashville
Capitol Records
Capricorn Records
Carnival Music
Carolyn Arends
Carson Management
Carter & Company
Casa Groove Recording
Casey Cohen
Cathi Black
Centergy Music Group
Challenge Records
Cherry Entertainment
China Graph
Chokehold Records
Christmas and Holiday
CMC Records
Columbia Records
Compendia Group
Conway Music Group
Cottage Blue Music
Creative Man Records
Criterion Music
Crunch Records (WEA)
CSM Publishing
Cuppajoe Music
Curb Music Publishing
Curb Records
Daddy Jack Music
Dancing Ferret Discs
Danette Christine
Dangerous Waters Music
Dawson's Creek
Daylite Productions
Daywind Music Group
Dcide Records
Deadbeat Records
Dean Slocum Music
Decca Records
Deep Elm Records
Deep South Entertainment
Delicious Vinyl / Malicious
Deluxe Artist Mgmt.
Deluxe Entertainment
Den Music
DeSisto Productions
Devine Productions
Dexter Entertainment Group
Diamond Productions
Dilbeck Entmt.
Dink Records
Disney Music Publishing
Disney/Hollywood Records
Divine Recordings
DK Music
DM Records
Dolphin Dance Productions
Domino Effect
Doolittle Records
Dream Street Entertainment
Dreamcatcher Records
DreamScape Music
Dreamworks Music
Dreamworks Nashville
Dreamworks/SKG Music
Drool Records
Duotwang Productions
DV8 Records
E! Entertainment
Earache Records
Eardrum Records
Eaton Productions
Echo Records
Ed Stasium
EGM Management
Electric Records
Elektra Records
Elephant Walk Entertainment
Elixir Music
Ellipsis Arts
Embrace Records
Emerald Forest Entertainment
EMI Christian Music
EMI Music
Emory Gordy, Jr.
Empire Records
Endou Records (Sony)
EP Music Publishing
Epic Records
Ernest Entertainment
Essential Entmt.
Etherean Music
Ethnical Audio
ETNC Productions
Eureka Records
Exclusive Entertainment
Extasy Records / WEA
Fable Records (WEA)
Famous Artists Management
Famous Music Publishing
FB Productions
Fenton Music
Fermata Music
FF Productions
Film and Music Consultants
Filmmakers' Alliance
FilmQuest Entertainment
Final Four
Final Four Music
Final Four/BMG
Find The Children
Firebird Music
Fitz Music
FLA Filmworks
Flawless Records
Flip Records
Flyboy Productions
Fontaine Music Productions
Forefront Records
Forerunner Music
Forward Motion Management
Fox Motocross
Fox Sports Net Music
Froelig Palmer
Fuel 2000
Funky Sounds Records
Gallimore Productions
Gallway Bay Music
Garth Fundis
GAS/DEN Network
Gaylord Entertainment
Geffen Records NY
Gehea Music Publishing
Giant Nashville
Giant Records
Gilmore Productions
Glass Note Records
Glitterfish Music
Global Entertainment
Global Graffiti
Global Media
Glue Factory
Gold Circle Records
Goodnight Kiss Music
Goodnight L.A. Studios
Grand Royal Records
Greenlight Productions
Greg Harrington
Grey Advertising
Grierson Productions
Griffiths Place Productions
Groove Addicts
Group One Communications
GRP Records
GRP/Blue Thumb
Gunton Management
Hagood Productions
Haiku Entertainment
Hamstein Productions
Harley's House
Heart Attack Worship
Heart Of Gold
Heavy Hitters
Hi-Watt Managment
High Street Records
Higher Octave Records
Hill Country
Hollywood Records
Houlihan Film Music
Hunt the Sandman Mgmt.
Hurricane Records
I.E. Music
Idea Entertainment
If Tomorrow Comes Inc.
Ignition Records
Iguana Records
Iiwii Productions
In The Pink Music Group
Insite 2 Music
Int'l Fund For Animal
Integrity Communications
Integrity Music
Intermedia Network
International Artist
Interscope Music Group
Interscope Records
Intuit Solar Records
Island Bound Music
Isle Groove Entertainment
It's A Good Thing Music
Jackson, Berfield & Assoc.
Jammin Planet Productions
Java Records
Jay Entertainment
Jay Landers
Jean Na
Jerry Taylor/ChrisWaters
Jersey Records
Jive Media
Jive Records
JK Productions
Joe Bourne Productions
Joey Carbone Productions
John Anderson
John Berry
John Carter
Judy Harris Music
K Records
Kalimba Records
Kelly Productions
Kenny Rogers
Kevin Cloud Productions
Kid Gloves
Kinetic Records
King Of The Hill
Koch America Music
Kotler Productions
Kung Fu
KVG Studios
Kyle Heffner
LA Squared Music
Labrador Records 2000 /
LaFace Records
Lake Transfer Productions
Lancit Media
Lannie Cates
Larry Tollin Entertainment
Lautstark Records/BMG
Lava / Atlantic Records
Lava Records
Left Bank Organization
Leggett Music Group
Leisure Music
Leopold Mgmt.
LeSage Productions
Little Dog Records
Litton Mgmt.
Lloyd Productions / Curb
London/Sire Group
Lone Star
Lou Lollio Productions
Lynn Jacobs Publishing
Lyric Street
M.S. Records
Mad Dog Records
Magnatone Music Publishing
Main Event Music
Maissa Dauriac Productions
Major MTM
Malaco Music
Mango Boy Music
Mango Eater Music
Manhattan Production Music
Mark 56 Records
Master Source
Maverick Music Publishing
Maverick Records
Max Event Mgmt.
Maximum Fun Ent.
MCA Nashville
MCA Records
McClintock/Harris Mgmt.
MDVD Networks
Meaux Music
Media Records
MEG Management
Mega Trax
Melisma Records
Mellor Production Music
Meltdown Records
Mercury Records
Mercy Wheel Productions
Merlino Productions
Messages That Matter
Michael Dixon Mgmt.
Michael Grimes Productions
/ Poseidon Digital
Michael Lloyd Productions
Midnight Music
Mike Bielenberg Music
Miles Bell
Miss Music Management
Mitchell Artist
MNW Records
Modern Rights Market
Monogram Ent. Network
Moral Compass Mgmt.
Morebarn Music
Morris Supervision
MTV Networks
MTV Networks/Fine Tune
MTV's Undressed (Music
Munchkin Studios
Music Bakery
Music Bridge
Music Choice
Music for Nations
Music & Media Publishing
Music Resource
MX Works
Myriad Pictures
Neo Motion Pictures
Nettwork Management
Neutron Records
New Millenium Records
Northstar Post
Notstock Music Publishing
On Q Music Group, Inc.
On Top Of Hit Music
One Fifteen West Management
One Music
One Night Dream
Open Eye Productions
Out Of Hand Prods.
Outside Music
Palm Pictures
Pamplin/Organic Records
Paragon Entertainment
Paramount Pictures TV
Paramount Recording
Parasol Records
Party Of Five
Party On The Porch
Patrick Joseph Music
Pendulum, Inc.
Peruse Music
Pi Ware Productions
Piadrum Records
Picture Music Company
Pinnacle Ent.
Planet Grande
Planet India Music
Platinum Entertainment
Platinum One Entertainment
Play Records
Playback Music Supervision
Polydor Records
Polygram Films
Polygram Music Publishing
Poppy Music Productions
POW! Records Ltd.
Prestige Management
Preston Glass
Private I Records
Private Music
Provident Music Group
Pryme Tyme Records
Q Records
R.D.M. Company
Radical Entertainment
Radio Flava
RainTurtle Music
Razor & Tie
RBF Productions
RCA Label Group
RCA Nashville
RCA Records
Ready Set Go Management
Red Hots Entertainment
Red Sands Production Co.
Relentless Entertainment
Ren Music
Renaissance Records
Reprise Records
Resonate Music Publishing
Restless Heart
Reunion Records
Rev/Resist Records
Revolution Records
Revolver Mgmt.
Rex Benson Music
Rhythmic Records
River North Records
Rivera Productions
RLG Nashville
Road Rules / MTV
Roadrunner Records
Roadshow Music
Rob Chiarelli
Robbins Entertainment /
Robbins Entertainment NY
Ron Harris Publications
Ronald S. Bienstock &
Rosenberg Artist Mgmt.
Rounder Records
RPM Managment
RSA Records
Rubber Records
Rude Awakening
Running Mustang Music
Ryko Music
Rysher Entertainment
S.E.S. Entertainment
Sacred Music
Same Boat Music
Sandy Feet Publishing
Sapphire Entertainment
Scarab Entertainment
Schuyler Records
Scott Hendricks Productions
Scratchpad Pictures Inc
Screen Music International
SeeHear Music
Segue Music
Set Effect Productions
SFMG Publishing
Shelter Rock Records
Shooting Star Pictures
Silver Wave Records
Silverlight Records (WEA)
Simply Smokin' Records
Singerman Entertainment
Singing Roadie Productions
Small Hairy Dog Records
Song Garden Publishing
Songs Of Love
Sonia Townsend
Sony Classical
Sony Music
Sony Music Nashville
Sony Music Publishing
Sony Nashville
Sony Studios
Sony/550 Music
Soul Power Records
Soul Tone
Sound Advice
Soundstage Music
Soundtrack Recording
Southern Cow Music
Sovereign Entertainment
Sparrow Records
Spring Hill
Springhill Music
Spurlock Productions
SPV Music
Squint Entertainment
Star Song
Stark Raving Group
Starsong Records
Steve Hornbeak
Steve Stewart Management
Stilletto Management
Storm Productions
Straight Line Records
Stuart Mathis
Studio 'A'
Sunbird Records
Sunset Beach
Surf Side Productions
Surreal to Reel
Target Music
Target Publishing
Terra Nova Records
Texas Made Films
TH Music
The Anthony Robbins
The Blackbird Recording
Co. (WEA)
The Chop Shop
The Engine
The Engine Group
The Hallmark Direction
The Jenny Jones Show
The MCS Group
The Music Company
The Music Staff
The Oak Ridge Boys
The One Group
The Relaxation Company
The Sopranos
The Young Unknowns
Think Records
Third Planet Music Group
Third Rock Entertainment
Thrive Records
Tigerstar Records
Tilted World Music
TLE Enterprises
Tolevski Management
Top Format Productions BV
Tornado Watch Music /
Private Wavs
Touchwood/Zero Hour Ent.
Tracy Byrd
Tracy Lawrence
Transition Music
Travis Allan
Trees For The Forest
Trifecta Entertainment
Triloka Records
Triple X Records
True Talent Mgmt
Try Again Publishing
Tuffbreak Entertainment
Turner Management Group
Tutt & Babe Music
TVT Records
Two Hour Tour
Two Ton Productions
Ty England
Ty Herndon
Ultimatum Records
Universal Music Publishing
Universal Records
Universo Productions
USA Networks
USC Film School
USG International
Vagrant Records
Valentine's Days
Vanguard / Welk Music
Vaus Productions
Vegas Records
Ventrue Productions
VFR Records
Viacom Interactive Services
Video Helper
Vinnie Zummo
Virgin Nashville
W Recordings
Walker Jane Productions
Wallace Mgmt.
Walt Disney Records
Warner Bros.
Warner Bros. Nashville
Warner Bros. Records
Warner Bros. Television
Warner Chappell Music
Warren Entner Mgmt.
Waste Management
Waxploitation Management
Waxploitation Records
Way Cool Productions
Waymo Music
Weems Music Supervision
West Window Music
Westar Entertainment
Westwind Media
Wheeler Whims
Who Did That Music?
Wilbur Rimes
Windham Hill Jazz
Windham Hill Records
Windhaven Productions
Windrift Music
Windswept Pacific
Wolfing Music
Word Publishing
Word Records
Work Group/Seminal
WrenSongs Productions
Young Americans
Young And The Restless
Zomba Music Publishing

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"I recently got my first deal as a result of a submission to TAXI! I'm very excited to see that this actually works!"
— George Leverett,
TAXI Member

"As writer/artists from another country, we see TAXI as the single best opportunity we have for direct exposure to the US music industry."
— Peter Martin,
TAXI Member

"Speaking to A&R people, getting inside info and some of the best advice I've ever had, was worth TEN times the cost of getting to The Road Rally."
— Mike Fitzsimons,
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"I enjoyed and benefited from my TAXI membership for the last year, so I renewed for another."
— Robert Shulze,
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"With help from you guys, the music is pouring out and I'm having such fun! Thanks!"
— Willie McCulloch,
TAXI Member

"The best music I've ever heard has come from TAXI! We've used music from TAXI on ABC, NBC, CBS, HBO, Fox and many more."
— Suzan Bader,
DSM /All American Music Library

"We appreciate all that you do and try to do to help us struggling songwriters!"
— Pat Harris,
TAXI Member

"Thanks to TAXI I no longer have a day job! The membership fee was a drop in the bucket compared to what I have earned because of TAXI."
— George Nelson,
TAXI Member

"Thanks to TAXI, we are at this point in our development years in advance of where we would be if we had done it alone."
— John & Larry,
TAXI Members

"I received 5 critiques for one song and each one was right on the money. The critiques and this membership are priceless!"
— Tammy Endlish,
TAXI Member

"I've had several meetings at Dreamworks Records and made several new contacts as a result of belonging to TAXI."
— John Scott,
TAXI Member

"I had the drive, and the passion. I just needed help, and you keep supplying it."
— Justin K.,
TAXI Member

"I've been to tons of music seminars put on by reputable companies. None of them have ever come close to the Road Rally."
— Stuart Ridgway,
TAXI Member

"I think I'm lucky that I've found out about TAXI so early in my career."
— Djamel,
TAXI Member