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Music Think Tank Marketing + Entrepreneurial Skills = Music Business Success

Taxi's Road Rally leaves Ariel Hyatt with hope for the music industry.
If You Want a Break in the Music Biz, Take a Ride with TAXI

A look at how TAXI works, and how it could help your music career.
TAXI's Laskow Has High Hopes for the Music Industry

TAXI president Michael Laskow shares his vision of the future of the industry — and how it affects you.
Michael Laskow Reveals Where It All Started, and Where TAXI is Headed in the Future

A frank interview with TAXI's prez by Jodi Krangle, mistress of Muses Muse.
Radio Interview with TAXI

Listen to the interview — originally aired on NPR in early 2000.
TAXI's Founder Gives Straight Answers and Tough Love to Independent Artists

FastForward gets Mr. Laskow's take on what's hot, what indie artists need to do better, and why illegal downloads could be the death of great music.
Interviews: Company Profile: Taxi interviews Michael Laskow about what really goes on behind the scenes at TAXI.
TAXI Undercover

Columnist Joanna Cazden went undercover to expose TAXI — for better or worse — in Electronic Musician magazine.
Someone Call Me a TAXI . . .

The recap of JPF's visit to the offices of Taxi, in February 1999. Let the truth be told!
There's a TAXI Waiting for All Unsigned Bands — An Interview with Michael Laskow, President of TAXI

An inside look at how TAXI operates, and how it is changing the face of the music industry.
TAXI Helps Songwriters Get Through The Record Label Door

"You see, the A&R departments really do listen to submissions that come from TAXI. If you're serious about selling your songs, you should check TAXI out."
Flag A Song TAXI

Princeton Songwriters Association member Anne Freeman has an impromptu conversation with TAXI president Michael Laskow. Interview: TAXI CEO, Michael Laskow

A revealing look at how TAXI actually helps break down the walls in the biz.
Is TAXI For You?

Why TAXI is a unique and proven way to get your material in front of those who know the fickle music industry better than most.
Michael Laskow: TAXI Driver

The day-to-day reality of getting a deal through TAXI, and more.
Just Plain Fisher

How the innovative band uses TAXI and the Internet to promote their music.
A&R Primer — An inside look at the star-making machinery

The nuts and bolts of the A&R game, and how TAXI helps you break in.
Secret Formulas for Great Home Studio Recordings

A review of Studio Buddy™, the FREE downloadable program which provides answers to you most pressing questions about recording.
TAXI Continues To Be A Pioneer In Ever-changing Music Business

How TAXI fits into the way that music will be delivered to listeners in the very near future.

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— Tom Wasinger,
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— Chris Musulin,
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